General Policies


This policy serves as a confirmation that any prospective client (referred to as the "Client" henceforth) engaging the services of Hidden Key Investigations LLC (referred to as the "Agency" henceforth) shall adhere to the terms and conditions outlined herein. Upon engagement with the Agency, an agreement shall be drafted detailing specific policies pertinent to the service requested.


Client and Agency both agree to keep each other fully advised of new developments of data that could be considered helpful or damaging to the investigation. Agency and Client will keep one another “in the loop” as new leads and developments are discovered by the Agency or Client. The "Agency" and “Client” agree to keep all information regarding this matter confidential. Should the Agency discover that the Client is keeping information that jeopardizes the investigation; puts the Agency and investigator’s safety at risk; or opens up the Agency to liability issues and concerns; the Agency will terminate the investigation without refund.


The Agency will make every effort to collect the information that the Client seeks, however, the Client understands that some information may not be obtained due to legal issues. The Client understands that the Agency will assume no liability or responsibility in its efforts during this investigation.

Hidden Key Investigations LLC certifies that it is currently licensed with the State of Louisiana Board of Private Investigator Examiners as a Journeyman. Hidden Key Investigations LLC is also a licensed Agency in the state of Mississippi.


The client agrees that the client's request for information/services is permitted by law, and that client intends to use the information/services for a purpose permitted by law, and no other purpose. The client agrees to indemnify and hold Hidden Key Investigations LLC, its officers, management, agents, subcontractors, and employees harmless from any or all causes of action, liabilities, claims, damage, and demands or whatever type, including attorney fees, expenses, costs, and judgments arising from client's use or possession of the information/services furnished by Hidden Key Investigations LLC. The client agrees not to use any information provided to stalk, harass, or physically harm the subject in any way. The client understands that such actions may be punishable by law. For the safety of all parties involved, the client agrees not to show up at any related location during the assignment. The client understands that if the client shows up at the scene of the investigation, Hidden Key Investigations LLC may terminate surveillance and the client may lose the entire case fee.

The client understands that case results are determined by case details, safety issues, legal issues, lighting, and other factors. A retainer is initiated only if the cost of the investigation exceeds $500, the client will receive prior notification and additional funding may be required before an assignment is completed. Hourly rate, travel/ mileage, report/video processing, and other expenses relative to the client's case (i.e., hotel, parking, etc.) are deducted from the retainer. 48-hour notice before the case start date is required for cancellation. A cancellation fee applies. No refunds, after the case has been initiated, credit only for use within sixty days from submission. Court testimony and standby time are billed at an hourly rate, plus mileage, per day, per investigator. A cancellation fee may apply. The client agrees that the client alone is responsible for payment of requested services regardless of a third party's willingness or ability to pay. The client agrees that the client has the authority to hire Hidden Key Investigations LLC on behalf of the client's company. Invoices are due immediately unless otherwise stated. Legal interest fees will apply to past-due accounts. The client agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and costs associated with collecting the client's account if legal action is taken to collect fees or costs due to Hidden Key Investigations LLC according to the laws of the State of Mississippi. Hidden Key Investigations LLC may cancel this agreement at any time if in our judgment the investigation jeopardizes the safety of its agents or others, or if it is found that the client has made misrepresentations to Hidden Key Investigations LLC or is in violation of the law.